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How a Custom Song is Created and Why it Might Be

Exactly What You've Been Looking for

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By Daniel Zuckerman

June 20, 2020

Bride and Groom

It’s best to start your planning for Music at your Wedding, with want do you want to hear when you make your “Entrance” and walk down the aisle.- That is the Apex of the event and then work outward from that in your Planning.

But before you try and pick that ONE song among hundreds of possibilities, you first need to select what CATEGORY you want that music to be ….. otherwise, you’re like someone browsing your way through Home Depot – it would be exhausting if you don’t know what Department you want.

While I could break it down into TEN categories of music, let’s first start to simplify the process with Three.

1. Traditional - We start here, since it’s the easiest to understand. It’s when you hear a few notes from a Classic like Wagner’s Bridal Chorus or Canon by Pachelbel…. and your mind just jumps to the pageantry of a Wedding without thinking about it.

2. Personal – This category is next because it’s all about YOU ……… having a Personal
Memory of THAT song. Maybe you heard it on your First Date or it’s how you felt when you first watched Titanic, the Sound of Music, or the Wizard of Oz. ……….. Or maybe long ago you found a Personal Connection to the words of the song.

3. Musical – This last concept is just that the MUSIC itself speaks to you today and you
don’t need to analyze what the words are saying ………. or whether the Song won a Grammy or Oscar – It just speaks to you TODAY ..…. An example could be when you hear Adele sing "Make you Feel my Love” or Calum Scott do “You are the Reason.”

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